"There Will Be Blood"

Finally, after months of waiting, I got to watch "There Will Be Blood". Not only did I get to see it but I got to share it with a friend who insisted that whenever Hollywood gets it's hands on themes like oil or religion, on can only expect it to be heavy-handed and part of a larger leftist agenda.
I insisted that P.T. Anderson was not the type of director to do such a thing.
My friend remained skeptical.

It turns out I was right. Instead of the movie being about the evils of capitalism, it was a character portrayal of a man who happened to be in the oil business, who happened to cross paths with a young charismatic religious leader, and who happened to be played by one of the greatest actors in contemporary film.

Despite my ever-growing contempt for the movie-going experience --I inevitably end up sitting next to the people in the audience who guess out-loud what may be lying ahead in the plot...that person is usually sitting with another person who never stops munching on popcorn--despite all of this, I loved the movie and recommend it to anyone.

Daniel Day-Lewis steals the movie...no one can touch him.

An oil prospector. His son. A small (oil rich) town in California. A local who has the trust and faith of his fellow townsfolk. A very dark internal life.

That's really all I can say. The story doesn't involve a lot of action, there are no gun-fights, no superheros, no villains. It's just the story of a man.

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