So, my trip to Nashville for the YALSA Young Adult Literature symposium was a success.

But it didn't seem like it was going to go that way.

When I first arrived at the airport waiting for the shuttle to my hotel I realized that I was going to have to fake my way through endless conversations about YA lit. You see, I haven't read much YA lit that I like. I was being bombarded with questions I didn't have the answer to on the ride to my hotel and, not having slept in 36 hours, having been crammed into 3 different airplanes for the 11 of those, and the 3 hour time difference, I was not a happy camper.

Not to mention the music...oh the terrible terrible music.

The hotel lobby, the gas stations, the restaurants...everywhere I went there was horrible, pop/rock/country music just blaring. It took everything for me not to explode when I was waiting to check in to my hotel.

To cut a long story short, I grew into the YA lit thing. The country music just started to blend into my mind.

It was a good trip. I made a couple new library friends. I'm still recovering from the lack-of-sleep/time change thing but overall it was a great trip. The one thing I regret is not having even touched my uke. I was so busy and tired and just plain social (which is a HUUUUGE stretch for me) that I didn't even make it downtown.


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Karl said...

You know, if I'd connected the cute Alaska comic book girl with the symposium wiki ukelele girl, I would have DEMANDED that you get it out and play.