new stuffs

So after two years of dealing with cooling plates, a hard drive gummed up with virus' and extremely outdated software I broke down and got a new computer. A beautiful one. A much better one. A MacBook Pro. My boyfriend is ecstatic. Not that his computer is old and messed up. Mine is just much much better than his. Because his is a Dell or something.

My MacBook has a webcam. I've never had a webcam before. This is exciting to me since I have taken up the ukulele and am kind of a ham.

Last night, however, I tried recording myself playing a song. I recorded it a couple times just so I could have some options. When I finally quit I sat back and listened to my not-quite-so-skilled ukulele playing and realized that, though I loooooove to sing, I hate the sound of my voice on a recording. I hope that's not the way it sounds in real life. Stupid mid-west nasally accent.

Another new toy I'm getting...a Bean Sprout. A green one.

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crappitydoodah said...

well, i happen to love listening to your voice. don't know what it sounds like recorded, but it is fantastik.
i've been practicing piano at peters by myself. you should hear me, i'm amazing!!