ukulele stuffs

Ukulele stuff I just ordered:

A Shag Wahini sticker,
a ukulele sized stand (instead of my big-ole guitar stand),
new strings for my Pineapple Sunday,
2 wall ukulele wall hangers (instead of my guitar wall hangers),
King Kukulele & the Friki Tikis--Live at Trader Vics,
and King Kukulele & the Friki Tikis--Luau in December (via iTunes).

I've also ordered quite a bit of old-timey sheet music from eBay.  I found Ev'ryone Says I Love You online also.  It's tuned weird and I'm going to have a hell of a time learning it but I love a challenge.  

I also found this that I really, really, really, really, really, really want.  But I didn't buy it!  See how good I am?!

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