We went to see Jake Shimabukuro at the Atwood Concert Hall last night. I had high expectations and they were met, if not exceeded. Boyfriend-head had been feigning enthusiasm all week..."Great, I can't WAIT to go!" he would exclaim very loudly, almost sarcastically. This is a mannerism I've gotten used to and accepted. He's just trying to be funny. He's always like that. These were my excuses. It got annoying this last week, though, because I was genuinely excited.

Nevermind...I knew that, after seeing Jake perform, he would have his proverbial socks knocked off. I was right.

Not only was Jake on top of his game playing music from all different genres (from bluegrass to traditional Japanese, from classic rock to traditional Hawaiian) but his between-song-banter suggested that he was incredibly down-to-earth and generally grateful to be able to do what he does for a living.

I left incredibly inspired yet altogether ashamed to say that I play the ukulele. I also left hoping that everyone in the room was inspired to buy a ukulele and envisioned a scenario not unlike that described in the song "A Million Ukuleles"--music shops running out of stock, etc.

All-in-all I got to share some music with my loved ones--my friends Matthew and Peter also went--and my dear beloved? He loved it. He loved it more than he thought he would. That's the most satisfying thing.


matt said...

yesss i'm glad you called me, it was totally rad

matt said...

peter loved it too! he was talking about it today