Poetry sites

Below are recommended websites to browse the National Poetry Month:

Very Bad Poetry
There's quite a list of contributors, including yours truly. I DO NOT recommend Robert Hawkins (unless you want to read about me being put in compromising situations...really creepy. I don't even know the guy.) Otherwise some funny stuff likely written on-the-fly.

The Writer's Almanac
Updated daily...Podcast, RSS feed, and you can even listen to Garrison Keillor's dreamy voice read the poem to you.

Poetry Foundation
"...an independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture." -from the website.

Poetry Daily
An anthology of contemporary poetry from new books, magazines and journals.

Poetry 180
A poem a day for high schools. The website says American high schools but I betcha you can use it elsewhere as well.

Poetry Online
FAMOUS poetry (screw all those amateurs!) with a subject and author index to help you find that perfect FAMOUS poem.

Contains (teenage) reader submitted poetry and an opportunity to submit your own (if you're a teen).

Children's Poetry Archive (PoetryArchive.org)
Listen to poetry by modern poets. Search by poet, poem or theme.

Shel Silverstein.com
Quirky poems, quirky games and quirky animation that you'd expect from anything related to Mr. Silverstein.

Obviously there are millions of poetry websites online and these are just a few...but they're a GOOD few and promise to be great time wasters.

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matt said...

woah..that is really creepy....
i really liked your poems though, our state is bigger than their state, jerks.