So, National Poetry Month ended up being a bust as I seizured, slept, and recovered from my, well, seizure.

Everything's okay. My MRI and EEG came back clear and there have been no repeat occurrences. I'm medication free for the time being.


I'm putting a halt on my concertina lessons until August because work is about to get REALLY stressful. Summer Reading starts on Saturday and promises to be a lot of fun and a lot of work. The theme is Be Creative (or Express Yourself! for teens) and not only am I doing two storytime programs a week w/ukulele accompaniment but I foolishly agreed to take on a Fractured Fairy Tales program the first week in June AT ALL THE LOCATIONS. Egad! The program has been put together for awhile. I just need to come up with some MadLib inspired Fairy Tales to do with the kids during the program (also one for them to take home).

Again, EGAD!

But I'm excited about the other programming: Jugglers and magicians, musicians and Mad Science. I'm not excited about the late-comers and the over-crowding, the constant business and the inability to take a vacation.

Trying to remain optimistic.

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