new artwork

We went to Homer last week.  Among the things to do in Homer (going to the meadery, going to the winery, going to the brewery) browsing art shops is one of the least glamorous.  But it's great.  Homer has beautiful scenery and that alone is enough to inspire artistic genius.  Unfortunately the proportion of bad artistry is just as high-if not slightly higher-than everywhere else.

There was one piece that I found that I loved, though.  There were half-a-dozen pieces by the same artist, using the same technique, but this one was above and beyond my favorite.  Essentially, the artist created wooden inlays.  There was an Orca jumping out of the water, a sultry woman, a moose on ice skates (seriously--eccchhh!).  I was almost put off from buying the one I liked.

Anyway, I went back the next day and put my money down on the table, "Wrap it up!" I said.  

No, but the artist happened to be there (so I'm glad I didn't speak so honestly about the rest of his artwork) and I praised his picture.  It just happened to be his favorite as well (imagine that).  

Anyway, no more belaboring it:

Forgive the cybermen invasion.  I haven't found a good place for it yet.