4/8-Shel Silverstein-

Okay, I waited 8 days to post this. I really wanted to post Shel the first day. He is quite possibly my most beloved Children's poet. He's funny, talented, and a little bit twisted. For example:

Wavy hair

I thought that I had wavy hair
Until I shaved my head. Instead,
I find that I have
straight hair
And a very wavy head.

Come Skating

They said come skating;
They said it's so nice.
They said come skating;
I'd done it twice.
They said come skating;
It sounded nice...
I wore roller---
They meant ice.

Of course each of these poems, as most of them are, are accompanied by line drawings by the author. I recommend his website for more fun, examples of his illustrative and poetic genius, and some games & stuff (

Both these selections were chosen randomly (lucky they were short ones) from A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein.

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